Welcome to the Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) of Caboolture Special School.
Our P&C is a volunteer group of parents, staff and community members who are passionate about our student's education. 
Membership is open to parents/carers of children attending the school, members of the school staff and any other member of the community aged 18 years or over interested in the welfare of the school.
We support our school community in many ways, including the following services:
* School Banking - Students banking is processed Monday morning of each week, with any books received after 9am Monday morning processed the following week. 
* Scholastic Book Club - Catalogues are sent home twice a term. 
* Scholastic Book Fairs - Twice a year.
* Mothers and Father's Day Stall - Open for all students to purchase gift the week before Mothers and Father's day. 
* Facebook - Please check out our Facebook Page *
CABOOLTURE SPECIAL SCHOOL P&C for any upcoming events.
Our P&C objectives are to successfully supoport and enrich the quality of our children's education by:
*Providing a platform to keep families and community members aware of activities happening in and around the school. Whilst being able to raise concerns and have input in decisions relating to these activities.
* Providing as much support to our hard working staff as possible to share the load required to enhance our childern's education.
* Provide a uniform services for the school.
* Provide a school banking service to encourage saving from early age.
*Run book club and book fairs to promote a love of reading.
* Provide opportunities for the school community to come together and network with like mimded people.
* Foster an overall feeling of support  and belonging. Host " Morning tea and chat" for families and careers.
* Communicating fundraising needs for the school based on present and future endeavours and outline why all momey is required to improve our school resources and learning materials. 
* Introducing awareness days into the school to spread knowledge on the broad range of disabilities that affect our unique students in different ways.
Our meetings are normally held on the second Wednesday of every month in C Block.  All members of our school community are welcomed. The meetings provide an opportunity for you to meet with our Principal and is always a great opportunity to hear first hand about the events and activities that our students are participating in. Please come along and be part of your child's education community.
P&C Committee 2018
President: Debbie Grey
Vice Presidents: Kaye McGaughey and Debra Bowers
Secretary: Tameeka Watson
Treasurer: Naomi Doyle
Uniform Shop Coordinator: Tanya Evans
School Banking Coordinator: Sharon Johnstone and Lesley Pinel
Scholastic Book Club Coordinator: Shane Grey
Parent Liason: Shelley Nipperess
Book Club Co-ordinator: Shane Grey
P&C QLD Rep: Debbie Grey
Last reviewed 27 April 2020
Last updated 27 April 2020