Rules and policies


  • Rules and Policies

    Our school values the Positive Behaviour for Learning programme and has operated under the principles of this program since 2015.

     We have three clear school expectations:

    -       Respect for Self

    -       Respect for Learning

    -       Respect for Others

     The Student Code of Conduct, 2021 includes references to the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) program in our school community, including strategies for home and school that also apply for students when travelling to and from school.

    Our school involves our students in anti-bullying strategies through proactive lessons and participates in community-based celebrations around this issue.

    Our school PBL Team monitors and reports to the school community on the behaviour data collected through One School each fortnight and utilises this data in planning focussed lessons across each school term.

    We also value the information from the annual School Opinion Survey and utilise this data to inform future focussed programs for our wider school community.

    Evacuation and lockdown procedures

    Evacuation procedures are conducted each term so that students and visitors to the school are familiar with routines necessary in an emergency.  All personnel are to be evacuated from buildings and report to the designated assembly area when the siren signal is sounded continuously. In the event of real fire, students may be further evacuated across prior arranged outside venues to be collected by parents. Every visitor to the school during an evacuation must follow directions from the Principal or teachers.

    The lock-down procedure is used in drills to train staff and students for an emergency that could be considered to be life threatening.  Students and staff are required to be out of sight and keep low to the ground, usually in the classroom or preferably a locked store area.  Some 'lock downs' may last several hours but are mandatory and preferable to exposure to harm. 

    School dress code

    The full school dress code will be reviewed in collaboration with the school P&C. Parents interested in having a say around school uniform are invited to attend P&C meetings.

    Caboolture Special School Dress Code requires all students to attend school in clean, neat clothes, a hat and shoes or sandals. A school uniform is on display in the P & C room and is available for purchase through the P&C on Wednesday mornings. It is highly recommended that students wear the uniform and it is essential on community based learning activities.



    For the safety and well-being of the school community it is essential that students are kept at home when too ill to participate in class programs or have infectious or contagious conditions.

    Parents are contacted if children have an accident or are too ill to participate in class programs. Unless otherwise instructed, an ambulance is called to treat serious accidents/illnesses. It is vital that our record of contact numbers during school hours is regularly updated and that emergency contact numbers other than the parents be provided.

    During the COVID pandemic, the department of education advised that all school must contact parents and carers if their child shows signs or symptoms of illness. This safeguards all persons in the school community. ​​

Last reviewed 20 April 2021
Last updated 20 April 2021