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Rules and policies

Evacuation and lockdown procedures
Evacuation procedures are conducted each term so that students and visitors to the school are familiar with routines necessary in an emergency.  All personnel are to be evacuated from buildings and report to the designated assembly area when the siren signal is sounded continuously. In the event of real fire, students may be further evacuated across the road to be collected by parents. Every visitor to the school during an evacuation must follow directions from the Principal or teachers.
The lock-down procedure is used in drills to train staff and students for an emergency that could be considered to be life threatening.  Students and staff are required to be out of sight and keep low to the ground, usually in the classroom or preferably a locked store area.  In the event of gun shots being fired or possible threats of abduction, staff and students are best protected by these measures.  Some ‘lock downs’ can last several hours but are mandatory and preferable to exposure to harm. 

School dress code
The full school dress code will be reviewed in collaboration with the school P&C. Parents interested in having a say around school uniform are invited to attend P&C meetings.
Caboolture Special School Dress Code requires all students to attend school in clean, neat clothes, a hat and shoes or sandals. A school uniform is on display in the reception area and is available for purchase through the P&C from the front office Or on Wednesday's. It is highly recommended that students wear the uniform and it is essential on community based learning activities.
For the safety and well-being of the school community it is essential that students are kept at home when too ill to participate in class programs or have infectious or contagious conditions.
Parents are contacted if children have an accident or are too ill to participate in class programs. Unless otherwise instructed, an ambulance is called to treat serious accidents/illnesses. It is vital that our record of contact numbers during school hours is regularly updated and that emergency contact numbers other than the parents be provided.

Contagious conditions
The following is a list of some recommended exclusion times necessary to maintain the health of the whole school community:
  • Head lice – treat properly and return to school following day. Treatment information is available through the school.
  • Chicken pox- keep at home for at least 5 days after the rash first appears and until the last blister has scabbed.
  • Measles and German measles – keep at home for at least 4 days after rash appears.
  • Mumps – exclude for 9 days or until swelling goes down
  • Gastroenteritis– keep at home until gastroenteritis has ceased for 24 hours.
  • Impetigo/School sores and ringworm – keep at home until treated. Sores on exposed skin are to be covered.
  • Flu and flu like illnesses – keep at home until well.
  • Conjunctivitis – keep at home until discharge has ceased.